Here are some of the software and devices that I frequently use and love, as well as other items that I highly recommend.

Frequently, people inquire about my go-to tools for software development, methods for staying efficient, or items I purchase to deceive myself into feeling productive even when I'm just delaying. Thus, I have compiled an extensive compilation of all my preferred belongings.


  • ThinkPad P51 Mobile Workstation

    Absolutely FAST computer and a BEAST that will last for years to come (upgradable to 64gb RAM with 4 slots). Additional bays for storage devices. Very impressive running data files with multiple GB size (10' of 1000' of rows).

  • ASUS Designo 27' WQHD IPS DP HDMI Eye Care Monitor 27-Inch Screen

    The only display on the market if you want something HiDPI and bigger than 27”. When you’re working at planetary scale, every pixel you can get counts.

  • Code V3 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

    High-quality Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches. Available in four different switches; Blue, Clear, Green and Brown. Each has it own distinctive feel, action, and sound profile

  • Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

    Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "`handshake"` wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    Given that I may spend the entire day sitting in a suboptimal ergonomic posture, I may as well occupy an expensive chair to do so.

Development tools

  • Jetbrains Toolbox

    A suite of professional development tools for a range of languages and technologies.

  • Guake

    Guake is a top-down terminal for Gnome, and is highly inspired by the famous terminal used in Quake

  • TablePlus

    Great software for working with databases. Has saved me from building about a thousand admin interfaces for my various projects over the years.


  • ChatGPT

    ChatGPT isn’t only an entertaining chatbot — it’s an AI breakthrough that might surpass the internet revolution.

  • GitHub Copilot

    AI can help make developers more productive and happier while coding.